Agnes Budzyn

Agnes Budzyn is a seasoned entrepreneur, CEO, and board member. As CEO of Bluedge Ventures, she invests in blockchain and digital assets infrastructure technology, focusing on early-stage companies. With a decade of traditional finance experience at BlackRock, as well as being an early member of the leadership team at ConsenSys/Ethereum ecosystem, Budzyn specializes in bridging the gap between legacy finance and emerging blockchain-enabled solutions. Over the last 5 years, Budzyn has been serving as a board member to multiple businesses globally. Her expertise lies in advising on overall technology enablement and transformation, digital assets, and revenue generation strategies as businesses grow or gain strategic funding. She was appointed to the Board of Directors at the Biden Institute, the FTSE Russell Digital Asset Advisory Committee, and the Yale Club Audit Committee. During her career, Budzyn successfully bridged the traditional corporate world with cutting-edge startup environments. At ConsenSys, she focused on building and scaling the company and the Ethereum ecosystem, maintaining and leveraging strong relationships with clients and investors, financial institutions, and government bodies. Budzyn worked on defining the future of FinTech/decentralization and the digitalization of finance with relevant stakeholders to ensure this groundbreaking technology can be adopted quickly and efficiently. While at BlackRock, Budzyn worked with the largest institutions and central banks, including the European Central Bank, Swiss National Bank, Bank of Greece, Central Bank of Ireland, U.S Federal Reserve, U.S Treasury, and others, during the global financial crisis to provide valuation of assets, risk management, and financial restructuring of portfolios, M&A, JV, and sales of assets. This experience was invaluable in providing her with insights into handling financial crises. Budzyn was named to the Forum of Young Global Leaders by the World Economic Forum in 2019, and was subsequently elected to its Advisory Group. She was also featured as a Tech Pioneer by El Pais. Budzyn has been a featured speaker on blockchain and financial technology and its applications at numerous global events held by the Mobile World Congress in Spain, Oxford University, Harvard University, Vanderbilt University, FDIC, George Washington University, Salesforce, US Chamber of Commerce, and the World Economic Forum.


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