Our Team

At Diamond Lake Minerals, Inc. (DLMI), we believe that the strength of a company lies in its team. Our leadership is a blend of diverse skills, extensive experience, and a shared vision for a sustainable future. From mineral exploration to digital assets and security tokens, our team is uniquely positioned to drive innovation and deliver value to our stakeholders. Here’s a closer look at the individuals who make DLMI a leader in its various sectors.

Core Team



Marcum’s Tax & Business Services division offers a comprehensive range of accounting and regulatory compliance services. With over 50 years of experience, they specialize in various areas including corporate taxation, financial statements, and international taxation.

With a portfolio spanning 25+ industries and over two decades of strategic experience, Esposito Intellectual Enterprises offers unparalleled advisory services. Specializing in forging global partnerships, nurturing emerging technologies, and boosting profitability, we help companies navigate the complex landscape of modern business. Your success is our mission.


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