Marty Pompadur

Marty Pompadur brings an unparalleled wealth of experience spanning over fifty years in the media and broadcasting industry. His journey began as an attorney before quickly shifting to media with his entry into American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. (ABC, Inc) in 1960. At ABC, Inc, Marty’s dynamic leadership led him to become the youngest member of the Board of Directors, having served as General Manager of the Television Network and Vice President of the Broadcast Division. His tenure at Ziff Corporation as President further highlights his prowess in media operations. Notably, his guidance was instrumental in the creation of the Fox Television Network and the success of News Corporation in Europe, where he oversaw significant mergers and the establishment of leading TV, radio, and outdoor advertising businesses. Today, Marty Pompadur’s influence extends as a board member of Nexstar Broadcasting Group and Truli Media Group, where his strategic insights continue to shape the future of media and broadcasting.


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